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LEED EB Recertification Maintenance Program

The new requirements for LEED recertification have been released and we now have an idea about what is required.  With these requirements in mind, we have developed a new LEED EB Recertification Maintenance Program.  For a small monthly fee, Envision will be responsible for collecting data, documenting all processes and procedures, ensuring the project is complying with all LEED requirements, and submitting to USGBC for recertification.  This program provides a LEED Maintenance Program incorporated into the LEED Consultation cost. We believe this creates more value to our clients than just the LEED consultation.  The program includes:

  • Monthly Collection & management of all data required for recertification.  Collections will be gathered from property management & vendors

  • Ensuring the project is in compliance with all LEED EB Policies & Procedures

  • Benchmarking ongoing energy and water consumption, and track data in Energy Star

  • Coordinating team activities related to LEED – EBOM recertification

  • Managing all Process and Submittal Documentation on LEED Online

  • See example reports and benefits


More About LEED EB Recertification from the USGBC

LEED EB: O&M Recertification evaluates the environmental performance of the building from the time of initial certification through the time at which the project team decides to recertify (a maximum of 5 years from the initial certification). The achievement of LEED EB: O&M Recertification means that the building performed at LEED standards for the entire recertification period, and continued to execute the plans, programs, and policies that were established during the initial Certification. If a building does not recertify within 5 years then its original certification expires. LEED EB Recertification addresses the policies, procedures, and plans necessary to successfully operate a building in an energy efficient, low impact and sustainable manner. The building’s operational efforts will be evaluated, including (but not limited to):

  • Exterior Building Site Maintenance

  • Transportation Methods
  • Water Efficiency and Management
  • Energy Efficiency Management and Performance
  • Renewable Energy
  • Building Purchases and Waste Streams
  • Indoor Air Quality and Occupant Comfort
  • Green Cleaning

Green buildings create healthy environments conducive to a variety of building types while saving energy, resources, and money. The LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M rating system contains performance standards for the sustainable, ongoing operation of existing buildings that are not undergoing major renovations. It includes high-performance building systems (i.e., assets), O&M best practices (i.e., ongoing tracking and actions), and sustainable policies. LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M can be applied both to existing buildings seeking LEED certification for the first time and to projects previously certified under LEED for New Construction, Schools, or Core & Shell. It is the only LEED rating system under which buildings are eligible for recertification.


• Recertify within 5 years* and as frequent as every 12 months

• The Recertification Performance Period is the entire period between the end of the previous certification’s performance period and the current recertification application

• Recertification Performance data should be tracked for the entire recertification performance period

• Data may include collection gaps when reasonable and justifiable (e.g. staff or tenant turnover, management change). Certification staff may request to see more data at their discretion and within reason.

• Project teams will comply with performance tracking requirements by providing a representative dataset to USGBC/GBCI

The general categories of dataset documentation that are used in the table are:

• Data from the entire recertification performance period

• Data from the most recent 12 months of the recertification performance period (Example: if the recertification performance period ended on November 30, 2011, data must be provided from December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2011)

• Data from the most recent 25% of the recertification performance period (Example: if the recertification performance period was 24 months long, data must be provided for the most recent 6 months)

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